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Need for a Billing System
Very often Internet Service Providers have to deal with complex infrastructures, caused by the inevitable rapid grow of the internet. Especially Full Service Providers operate manifold hard- and software components and offer an even larger variety of services to be billed. This leads to a more and more complex billing process.

Convergent Billing
Nazca.Billing unites these heterogeneous services by offering interfaces to all thinkable accounting systems. It collects all necessary data, merges it if required, assigns it to customers and performs a completely automated billing. Billable services are - among others - Dial-In Access, xDSL and leased lines, web-hosting, server-housing, project work, hardware rental fees and many more.

Differentiated Billing Mechanisms
All thinkable billing types can be combined but nevertheless billed in a differentiated manner. To this belongs usage dependant charges for traffic, online time or other units, setup charges, monthly, quarter-yearly, half-yearly, yearly and two yearly recurring services.


 Cisco Tacacs
 Cisco NetFlow
 CLF (IIS, Apache, etc.)
 MS Exchange-Server

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