Accounting-Interfaces and Rating-Engines
Functionality of Accounting Systems
Accounting systems are the measure and protocol instrument for usage based services. These include traditional telecommunication services like telephony, typical internet-services like Dial-In Access, xDSL- and leased lines, web-hosting, server-housing, novel ASP- and CSP-services and the use of the IT-infrastructure within companywide networks.

Availability of Accounting Systems
Accounting systems for the services mentioned above are available through the manufacturers of the required hard- and software products. Additionally, some accounting systems are for sale as a separate hard- or software solution. They are obtainable through the respective manufacturer.

Import of Accounting Data in Nazca.Billing
Due to its flexible assignment and billing concept Nazca.Billing works closely with accounting systems of any manufacturer, so that there is no need to buy additional systems. The accounting interfaces integrated in Nazca.Billing allow the transfer and compression of data from file based, as well as from database based accounting datasources.

Billing of Accounting Data
The rating engines of Nazca.Billing allow the analyzation, tariffing and billing of usage based services based on the basis of accounting data by time, traffic, transactions or any other units.

The following Accounting Import Interfaces are available:

RADIUS  This is typically used for internet dialups and contains user data with usage time and caused traffic.
Cisco TACACS  This is another protocol for controlling internet access and contains user data with usage time and the caused traffic.
BinTec-IP  This format is supported by all BinTec routers and delivers, depending on the service, different informations. To this belongs IP-traffic as well as internet dialups.
CLF  This format is mainly created by web servers - e.g. MS-IIS and Apache - and contains data to caused traffic, hosted-domain, user name (if authenticated), server-IP, client-IP and accessed files.
CSV  This format is commonly used by various manufacturers and systems, e.g. in the telephony sector and by Cisco-routers. The ASCII-export generated by Excel is of that format, too.
Telephony-CDR  This format with fixed column positions is commonly used for telephony services and contains the called number, the caller's number as well as the connection duration.
Cisco NetFlow  This format is generated by the NetFlow FlowCollector System from Cisco and gives a detailed itemization of the IP-traffic.
ODBC  This interface allows the direct data import via ODBC of any (SQL) databases and can collect data of various services.
MS-Exchange  This format is supported by all Microsoft Exchange Email-Servers and delivers a detailed description of the email traffic and the status of the sent and received mails.
Citrix RMS  This is format generated by Citrix MetaFrames and contains user data for usage duration of any used application as well as information of used CPU and memory.
MS Security  This security protocol is supported by default by Windows servers and delivers the time and duration of a certain user or process active in the system.

Implementation of additional interfaces
The interfaces listed above offer a wide range of configuration options and allow the acquisition of many accounting interfaces formats not mentioned here. If you happen to have a format not covered by the ones above we are pleased to deliver (develop) additional interfaces that match your needs, at any time.


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