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When a user can go drinking coffee while his report gets created, it does only affect the user. But if a monthly billing run takes days to complete, it does affect the whole business process fundamentally.

Consequences of Delayed Invoicing
These bottlenecks demand a complex scheduling of the invoice creation process and make a re-run of the billing impossible. Wrong entries in the master data detected after billing - which require a rebilling - lead to a delayed issuing of invoices and you will get your money even later.

Performance and Scalability
The alternative is a modern and performant system. Performance is not only be achieved by running expensive databases on even more expensive hardware, but through the combination of software architecture, database design and the wise selection of combinable components, most adequate for the respective problem. Only if the system is performant enough from scratch, an upgrade in hardware leads to true scalability.

Best-of-Breed Concept
Thanks to our long experience in developing business critical applications and our complete specialization on billing systems, we got the know-how to answer on every requirement with the most optimal and highest performance solution.


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