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Commercial Service Provider
Nowadays commercial service providers that offer their services through the internet have a large variety of products and services. This covers - among others - product sales through web-shops, the marketing of particular content or novel communication concepts.

Need for a Billing System
All these fields of activity demand a billing system that allows - besides the quantity - to bill the quality of the services and products in particular. Nazca.Billing makes such a precise billing possible by offering interfaces to accounting data of any format, so that every usage protocol is exactly analyzed, assigned to customers and billed by discriminators free to choose.

Billing Possibilities
You can easily bill by clicks, downloads or product orders, by service or product type, caused traffic, number of transactions or by any other ascertainable unit.

Additional Services
Setup charges, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or two yearly recurring services can be billed in a differentiated manner and combined with a usage based tariffing.


 CLF (IIS, Apache, etc.)
 Cisco Tacacs
 MS Exchange-Server
 Citrix MetaFrame
 Cisco NetFlow

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