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Billing as a business critical process puts the reliability of the systems and components involved in the foreground.

Requirements on Billing System
A billing system must run stable to prevent unnecessary delays during billing. It must bill all services to be charged, without forgetting or loosing data, since the business might suffer a financial loss. It must not charge imprecise or too high amounts, displeasing customers, that might - in worse case - move to another provider.

Requirements on Concept and Development
Therefore a billing system must be carefully developed and steadily improved. A billing system can - like any other software - contain errors. But in contrary to high availability systems, like software for controlling flight traffic, an error can be removed before it comes to a direct loss.

Requirements on the Know-how of the Manufacturer
An important role plays the ability of the manufacturer to analyze problems, explain their reasons and to remove these problems completely in a time-critical manner and without any side effects. This requires a complete product knowledge and long experience in developing business critical software.

Concept and Development of Nazca.Billing
From start, when developing Nazca.Billing we have specially concentrated on reliability and stability of our software. Beside the application of most modern object oriented programming technologies we have spent a lot of time in designing a system that allows us to detect and react on problems at any time.

Support by Nazca Software
In case of an error we will assist you in finding the cause of the error. Normally the problems lie in the interaction of drivers or in technical difficulties configuring the interfaces. However - should an error be caused by our software - we immediately deliver a patch for our software via an online-update. Thus you don't need to wait for the next versions or service packs before you can continue issuing your invoices.


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