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When calculating the total costs for the acquisition of a new billing system it is insufficient to look on the license fees only. The costs for the integration of the software into your infrastructure, the required hardware and database, a service plan and the costs for the personnel and database maintenance must be taken into account as well.

Best-of-Breed Concept
Nazca.Billing sets a new benchmark in Total Cost of Ownership for professional billing solutions and outperforms more expensive solutions in terms of quality and performance.

The following attributes contribute to the low acquisition and maintenance cost of Nazca.Billing:

Out-of-the-Box Functionality
Without pricey adjustments Nazca.Billing covers the very special requirements of businesses in the telecommunication, internet and IT-branch, since it was especially designed for their needs.

A seamless integration into the existing infrastructure is guaranteed by the manifold interfaces which prevents you from buying additional expensive hard- or software.

Due to the high performance of our software we have a low demand on hardware. In contrary to other systems you will need less hardware to achieve the same result.

Database Solution
As the database we use Pervasive.SQL exclusively. This high-scalable database solution gives you Total Cost of Ownership as well, which is caused - among other things - by its maintenance-free functionality and the saving of a database administrator that comes with that. Because of its reliability Pervasive.SQL is the database that is used in most bookkeeping systems.

Thanks to the reliability of our billing software you have less idle time and we have less work with our support, which will be noticeable on both sides in terms of cost reduction.

If you happen to have special requirements on our software, due to the flexibility of our system and our specialization on billing systems we are able to implement them highly effective. In contrary to other solutions this has a cost saving effect.


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