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Modern GUI
Nazca.Billing comes with a intelligible and easy to use user-interface and makes no difference if you prefer mouse or keyboard input.

Powerful Search Functions
The search by various categories allows the quick search for data, even on large databases and even with slow network connections.

Hierarchical Administration
A hierarchical system allows an effective administration of master data. Price structures defined in this manner allow easy and quick price changeovers.

Automated Invoicing and Stepless Undo
The powerful billing engine performs the creation of any amount of invoices on a click. The billing run can be started repeatedly: Nazca.Billing automatically identifies if a customer is already billed during a period and prevents duplicate billing. Invoices can be cancelled subsequently, either single or the complete billing run. In doing so, a billing run can be repeated on a click, be it to correct wrong entries or to start financial forecasts.

Through the integration of a 1:1 print preview you can review invoices, itemized statements and custom reports on screen at any time. After that, they can be printed, send via email or exported to file either individually or the whole sequence. In case of an Email or file export, various formats like PDF, RTF, XML or HTML are available.

Context sensitive Help
A context sensitive help is available in any section of the program and describes every window, field and process involved - in detail.


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