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Nazca.Billing unites most different service types into one system. Usage data of services like telephony, internet-access, internet and application services and network traffic is directly imported and analyzed. Order, changes or cancellations from web-portals or other external systems are automatically transferred into Nazca.Billing. Additionally, recurring services as well as project work and product sales can be administrated, too.

Centralized Administration
This gives the controlling a centralized system that provides a complete overview. It can immediately react on customer enquiries by verifying the ordered services. Billed services can be viewed in detail and faulty entries can be corrected right away.

Simplified Data Distribution
The unification of all services provides the adjacent systems with consistent and complete data. Balance bookkeeping receives debtor and invoice-data incl. automatic performed account assignment. Finance controlling receives detailed itemized turnover categories in arbitrary graduation. And distribution controlling receives provision data of internal and external employees.

Administration Optimization
The automation of these processes leads to a drastic time saving for the involved employees. Input errors caused by recurring monotonous tasks or by inputting the same data into two parallel systems can be completely avoided.


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