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Advantages of Flexible Tariffing
Offering novel tariffs may provide your business with the crucial market advantage. Differentiated pricing of the offered services allows a precise consideration of your own costs and offers your customers transparent price structures.

Billing capabilities of Nazca.Billing
Nazca.Billing gives you free choice selecting the type of billing, allowing the billing of usage based services by traffic, connection time, transactions or any other ascertainable units, combined with recurring charges with multiple invoice frequencies.

Billing of connection time
Billing of online or connection time lets you define different prices, depending on day of the week, time of day, tariff zone or area code. In addition you are free to choose the interval, e.g. second or minute.

Billing of telephony services
Prices for telephony services can be set in dependence of the service type and the distance zone, whereas most different billing concepts are possible. National distance zones, special numbers, mobile and international call can be billed detailed and automated.

Billing of traffic, content and resources
The billing by traffic, transactions or other units lets you to set unlimited graduations with various rebates. By this, free contingents, graduated rebates depending on total use per month or any other billable unit can be billed accurately in units of GB, MB or Byte.


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