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The term 'Call-Center' can summarize different company types:
  • Company departments that provide technical support for their own products.

  • Companies offering an outsourced call-center including the employees.

  • Companies that provide the technical infrastructure, manage the call numbers, reffers calls after given patterns and integrates novel communication concepts into new products.
Need for a Billing System
No matter what type a call-center belongs to, the offered services must be charged in a causal way - reflecting the customers use. Depending on the service type, one or more components have the price setting role. The service type, time, duration, caller and called number must be taken into account, in some case the dial up number as well.

Billing Mechanisms
Nazca.Billing supports such complex billing structures by offering CDR-import interfaces that work with CDR-formats of any telephony system or -providers, and charges the quality as well as the quantity of a service. Novel communication concepts that base on mixed internet, mobile and leased line services can be seamlessly integrated and billed in a differentiated manner.


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