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The need for a Billing System
Due to its complexity, the billing of telephony services is one of the most important markets for a billing system. But specially this complexity causes many problems for companies. Be it that your own billing solution is too static, the required maintenance is too cost-intensive or your billing is outsourced and you are depending on other companies.

Best-of-Breed Concept
We break this barrier. With Nazca.Billing we provide a system that combines all thinkable telephony services in a flexible manner using complex billing modalities and it still remains simple to maintain.

Billing Mechanisms
Configurable import interfaces allow the straight import and analyzation of any CDR-Format. Flexible tariffs allow the pricing of national and international calls, calls from and to mobile networks as well as the use of special numbers, internet and additional services. For this, different prices e.g. for service types, day of the week, time of day or zones can be set.

Itemized Statements and Preselection Files
Nazca.Billing allows the creation of itemized statements, the generation of preselection files and the analyzation of usage data to determine inactive users.

Our high performance billing system enables you to process large amounts of data, even on low cost systems. This gives small and mid-size businesses an affordable solution and large companies a scalable system that matches all requirements.

Especially our ability to react on complexest requirements with individual customization and to deliver highly efficient solutions build the base for a successful launch of our billing system in companies that have the need for a billing of large amount of data of various services.



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