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Our billing software Nazca.Billing reduces the requirements of most different business models that have a need in automated billing of usage dependant services to a common denominator.

Fields of Application
Nazca.Billing is mainly used in companies of the telecommunication and IT-branch. Thanks to the modular setup and the very flexible design our product is also interesting for customers that are not offering internet or telephony services, but have a need for a professional billing solution.

Target Market
All versions of Nazca.Billing are priced by a progressive and modular license. By doing so we can offer our software not just to our main market customers, medium-sized and large businesses, but also to smaller companies with complex requirements, so that they can benefit from our solution.

Nazca.Billing runs on all 32-bit Windows platforms and is offered as a single user edition, a peer-to-peer Windows Workgroup edition and as Client/Server editions starting from 6 users (stageless to unlimited). The server for the database can also run on linux systems.


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