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Corporate Networks
Need for a Billing System
In companies with complex IT-structures - used by various departments, Co-Locations or sub companies - the provision of internet and intranet services, of the soft- and hardware and the staff required for maintenance causes high costs.

Cost Distribution
Therefore it is obvious to spread these costs among the involved departments or partners as exact as possible. This can happen through a direct billing of departments or partners or through a cost center conform itemization and the export of the data to the balance bookkeeping. Nazca.Billing supports both models.

Billing Mechanisms
The usage data of various accounting systems is imported and analyzed by Nazca.Billing and priced by any individual component. Internet access can be reflected best through the billing of caused traffic, hardware and personnel costs through the billing of usage time by individual employees resp. online time in the respective systems.

Special Case Citrix Metaframe
The use of expensive licensed software, centrally installed through terminal sessions like Citrix - which is available in the entire intranet - can be priced user in an application dependent manner, allowing a cost causer distribution.

Or would you like to go on step further and include used Server-CPU-time, Memory (RAM) or used hard drive space as well? We deliver the appropriate analyzation interfaces.


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 Citrix MetaFrame
 MS Exchange-Server

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