Bookkeeping Interfaces
Data Export to Bookkeeping
Nazca.Billing manages accounts of proceeds and allows the assignment on product level, whereby the account aggregation is performed automatically during the invoice process. Split entries are supported, on which multiple accounts of proceeds occur per invoice or credit note.

The integrated export interface prepares all data required by the balance bookkeeping. Debtors, invoices and credit notes are automatically transferred so that a manual registration of invoice data into bookkeeping is unnecessary, which would be very time consumptive and error prone.

Available Bookkeeping Interfaces
Various bookkeeping interfaces are available. Systems of any size are supported, like Lexware, Sage KHK, Diamant/2, Syska, Szymaniak and SAP. Additionally a generic interface can be used in any bookkeeping that allows to configure its import interface.

Data Transfer to ERP-Systems
Beside the bookkeeping interfaces, an export of invoice data to ERP-systems or subsequent invoicing platforms is available. This allows the automatic itemization of invoice data by free to choose categories - in contrary to the bookkeeping interfaces which perform itemization by accounts of proceeds. Both export types can be used simultaneously.

The implementation of new interfaces for bookkeeping- or ERP-systems is part of our daily business and can be done - due to our flexible design - at any time.


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